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Emerging privacy and security concerns for digital wallet deployment

Published: June 2011 | Related Faculty: Seymour Goodman


In this collection of essays that represent original and interdisciplinary work, respected scholars address a number of privacy issues. These include how governmental and private sectors develop and deploy technologies that can pose serious compromises to the privacy of individuals and groups; how information and communication system designs pose threats to privacy; how we manage private concerns (child care, job leave, and identity) as public issues amenable to political action and shared awareness; and the fundamental asymmetry of power that exists between individuals and small groups on the one hand and large governmental and corporate entities on the other.

"Emerging privacy and security concerns for digital wallet deployment" by Andrew Harris, Frank S. Park, Seymour Goodman, & Patrick Traynor; In William Aspray & Philip Doty (Eds.), Privacy in America: Interdisciplinary perspectives, Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 2011, 185-208; June 2011.