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Klieman Talk 2/16/15

Klieman Speaks On Middle East Identity

February 23, 2015 — Klieman’s talk, titled “The Search for Identity: Between Tribalism and ‘Middle Easternism” was a discussion of evolving conceptions of identity in the Middle East.

Joe Bankoff

Bankoff Heads Effort to Develop Midtown as Regional Tech Hub

Bankoff assumes leadership of the Midtown Alliance

Kosal Speaks in Vienna on Big Data and Nonproliferation

February 4, 2015 — Nunn School Assistant Professor Margaret E. Kosal gave an invited talk on “Big Data Analytics, the Life Sciences, & Transnational Security Threats” at King’s College London Policy Institute-organized workshop on “Open Source and Big Data Methodologies for Nonproliferation” in Vienna at the end of January.

Mar 6

Ltc Paul D. Brister, Commander 23STS (AFSOC) Guest Lecture - Special Operations: Today and Tomorrow

Ltc Paul D. Brister LTC is in Air Force Special Ops and has a PhD from the Naval Postgradute School

Mar 6

March D.C. Alumni Event

Calling all D.C. alumni: Join us for a reception and give back to the Nunn School in D.C. this March!

Mar 11

Hong Kong, 2015

Join Clement C.M. Leung, Hong Kong Commissioner to the United States, for a discussion of the economic and political state of affairs in present day Hong Kong.

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